The Olympic Peninsula Guides’ Association continues to support legislation to control guides licensing in Region 6, North Coast.

We have been glad to be part of the conversation that has moved S-0568.1/17 forward to this point, but feel that it is important at this point we stress our support is only for the segment of the bill that addresses our original concerns.

 Here is the segment we fully support:

  • Qualified guides must purchase an additional license to guide on the North Coast from the Elwha River to the Clearwater River. The license is inclusive of both of these rivers.
  • To qualify for this additional license a guide must be able to prove (through tax documentation) he or she has guided in Washington State for at least 4 years, AND has guided at least 2 of those years on the North Coast.
  • These licenses will be issued one time in 2018.
  • This additional license will be required to guide here all year, not just in Steelhead season.  
  • We do not support any language concerning “outfitters licenses” for the North Coast.
  • We do not support any language concerning “rod days” for the North Coast.

If this type of language is supported for other regions we do not mind and will not oppose it there, it is just not the correct approach for Region 6.

If this type of language is included in a bill for the North Coast, we will vigorously oppose its passage.

We feel it is key that this legislation achieves the following goals:

  1. Stops unrestricted growth of guiding on native fish in Region 6.
  2. Maintains the traditional focus of owner operated boats in Region 6.
  3. Creates a stable business environment from which Region 6 recreational fishing business can grow on a year-round basis.


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